Andrew Scott Frame

Andrew (born 9th April, 1968) showed from a very early age that he would be a sportsman. At 6 he played soccer, at 7 he began playing Saturday morning Junior Cricket (which he continued until he was 14). At High School, he represented Richmond River High in Basketball (in year7, the shortest and youngest player on the court), cricket, tennis and Cross Country running. He also tried his hand at Lawn Bowls, Grass skiing, Squash, and Volley ball. At age 14, he was one of the youngest players at the Lismore Tennis Club to be elevated to the “A” Grade, Saturday afternoon Tennis Competition and at 16, was a member of the Tennis Cultural Exchange Tour of New Zealand and USA. On this Tour, the team played in Tennis Tournaments in New Zealand and the US. At this time, Andrew was asked to become the Tennis Coach for Saturday morning coaching at Nesbit Park Tennis Courts in South Lismore.

On completing his HSC, Andrew gained entry to Southern Cross Uni, and this was where playing sport really began for him. Depending on the season, he played Saturday Afternoon A grade Cricket, Twilight Cricket, Indoor Cricket Comps, Volley ball comps, Squash comps, Saturday Afternoon A grade Tennis Comps, Night Tennis Comps. He also played Inter-district representative A grade Cricket and Tennis, and still coached Saturday morning Tennis plus giving private tennis lessons. He played as much sport that he could fit into his days and nights, not leaving time for study or assignments. When he was offered employment with the Commonwealth Bank, he took it. He continued his sporting commitments plus adding golf and baseball comp to his ever growing list. Andrew also became involved in the Committee/administration side of his Clubs and at 21 years of age, was elected President of Norths’ Cricket Club.

Around the time that he married Stephanie in 1993, he began to look around for a more challenging sport and became interested in Triathlons. Now, although he could swim, swimming was NEVER a sport of his choosing. The bike and running he LOVED, but swimming!!!!!!!!!. So began the arduous training to become a triathlete. He took swimming lessons to improve, but it was always his weakest ‘leg’. He trained hard but would often be disappointed in the swim leg of an event. He loved the bike and the run home and had competed very successfully in many bike/run competitions. Andrew loved to come to Ballina each Friday afternoon for the friendship/companionship of the Ballina ‘Tri’ Club and in the hope of maybe improving his swimming. In the Ballina Tri Club, he found great support and encouragement as well as making many life long friends (who remain friends with his family long after his passing). Andrew and good mate Daniel Kelly were involved in a ‘nasty’ accident while on a training bike ride in early 1998, where Andrew received several broken ribs and a punctured lung. He had a long recovery and with determination and the help and support from his mates at the Ballina Tri Club, his fitness returned. Andrew had planned to participate in his first ‘ironman’ event 5 day after he passed away (the winner of this event was a friend and dedicated his win to Andrew).

Andrew was 31 years old when he passed away on 23rd November 1999, leaving his wife Stephanie which 3 small children, Maddison , Mackenzie and Jay , then 6,3,and just 2 respectively. After Jay was born, Andrew often said that he had his own ‘triathlon team’, but unfortunately, this never happened.

The Ballina Tri Club members’ support to Andrew’s family was and is very much appreciated. Each year the Club hold a 5 km run in his memory on the last Friday in November. The first winners in 2000 were Andrew Crowhurst (also 2001 and 2013) and Tara Douglas. Other winners include Dane Robinson ( 2004, 2008) Josh McHugh ( 2009, 2011). Pip Taylor (2005), World Champion and Olympic Medalist Emma Moffatt 2004, the Gilifllan sisters in 2002, 2003, 2008 and Kate Heyward 2013. Each year the Club has made a donation in Andrew’s memory to a nominated charity.

In Andrew’s life, sport played a very important part, whether it be part of a team, individually, committee member or just watching. He was very fortunate to have had the friendships and companionship from many other sporting enthusiasts over those years.