Triathlon Race 8 Team sprint

Hello All,

Our last Triathlon race of the season is a Team Sprint which is being held on the 15th April.

You need a team of either 2 or 3. One member needs to be a Triathlon Australia member. (If you are a non-member of Triathlon Australia and turn up on the morning of the race you may still be able to enter a team and race but this will depend on the number of on-line entries we have received (who will be given priority) and this will cost an additional $5.00 for your one day licence).

Please, for this one race it saves us a lot of work if you can enter online, as it assists the committee in planning and organising  future events for club members and new participants.  (We thank you in advance for your co-operation BTC!, and hopefully your on-line entry process is smooth.  If its not then tell us!!!).

The idea behind the Team Triathlon is to provide an accessible inclusive community event for all. And so its a chance to drag some newbies along to give ’em a taste of Triathlon !!! Effectively you get to share the load on this one and only occasion so don’t miss out.

It can be family members, work colleagues, Sports Clubs, Or Whatever! Just form a team and have a go !

The event is online entry only so please enter through this link.

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